How much is the shipping?

For locations outside of the Greater Sydney area we will provide a cost for delivery after completing your order. To find out prior please send an enquiry with your location details to info@foreverglassart.com.au

What are the photo minimum requirements?

Pixel-based artwork should be in CMYK at 1:1 scale at 300DPI or in excess of 5mb for a high-resolution finish.

Having the correct aspect ratio is the most important element in selecting an image. If the image you have selected is square, but the product you have selected is rectangle, we may not be able to make the image fit. The image may need to be cropped to ensure the correct aspect ratio.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

How long does the process take once ordered?

From order to manufacture to delivery please allow up to 15 working days. Once we have received payment in our accounts we will begin to process your order. 

Are you using real glass or plastic/acrylic?

All of our products are manufactured with 100% glass, they are also treated and tempered in order to provide longevity. We can also print on acrylic or plastic if requested, please email info@foreverglassart.com.au
for further information and pricing. 

Can I use a photo from internet?

YES, but…

You need to have permission to use the photo. This is usually done by purchasing the image from an image stock library (e.g shutterstock, istockphoto). You will also need to ensure the quality of the photo meets our minimum requirements. 

Is the glass scratch resistant?

Yes, all of our products are treated and tempered in order to provide longevity and prevent superficial damage.

Can I use it for outdoors?

Yes, our products can be used outdoors. However, please be advised that our product are not covered under warranty.

More questions? email us at info@foreverglassart.com.au